Day 30

Today we had a big day. We did a walking tour of the Landmarks of Bordeaux and then we went out to the countryside. The Landmarks Tour we did was done by the same company that we did the market tour with – Bordeaux Walking Tours. They do walking tours that include landmarks, wine in the city, gourmet food, the farmers market and a customs tour. The owner is American and very knowledgeable. I love listening to the French speaking but it was refreshing to listen to someone speaking English.
David before the tour.

The longest pedestrian street in Europe – Rue St Catherine.

The Opera House.

The Mayor of the city has worked very hard to make the centre of Bordeaux more beautiful and a pedestrian oasis. He has been instrumental in the development of tram system and he strongly encouraged individuals to clean their buildings. This is an example of a building that has not been cleaned next to a clean building.

An example of a street that has had three different names during history – during the reign of the king, during the time of the French Revolution and the final name in blue is the name of a major of the city.

Our afternoon was spent tasting some beautiful reds and exploring the town of Saint Emilion.



We finished our day in the most fantastic bar I think I have ever been in – beautiful architecture, many many wines by the glass at extremely good prices and very yummy small tasting plates. The name of the bar is Le Bar au Vin.

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  1. Cass George says:

    Cheers to you both ! A richly deserved trip!
    Life ‘s too short to drink bad wine.

  2. Petina Roberts says:

    Your killing me Jen it all sounds so wonderful! xx

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