Day 31 and 32

We have had sleepy mornings on Sunday and Monday and visited wineries in the afternoon. I have learnt much about Bordeaux wines. I have learnt about grapes, soils, the climate, the process, vats, barrels and the different nuances of the wine makers. I have also learnt much about who decides what wine is supposed to be the best. The most important thing I have learnt about drinking this wine is choose wine that tastes good regardless of others opinions.





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2 Responses to Day 31 and 32

  1. Cass George says:

    I have no doubt you will know what best suits your palate Jen!

    • Jennifer Tucker says:

      Cass I have had small tastes and I have enjoyed it but I am looking forward to going dry again! I have enjoyed the learning experience but I like better having no alcohol in my system! The more often I take time off the grog the more I want to go back to that feeling and it happens much more quickly than it used to. Bring on days of sparkling water!

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