My diagram for managing life. 


Jen Tucker’s diagram to help guide your life

This diagram is my visual illustration of the way I think it is best to manage life and prioritise. 

The center of the diagram is you. It is important to invest time in yourself. This includes body,mind, and spirit. The body needs to be fueled properly with nutritious food ,clean water and exercise. This all needs to be done in a balanced way. The mind needs to be cared for properly. This also needs to be in a balanced way – for example interesting conversation, intellectual pursuits such as reading or study and times to allow the mind to be clear such as meditation and rest. The spirit also needs to be cared for. By this I mean engage in activities that give your life  meaning – this may be meaningful work, going to church, creative activities such as painting, or spending time in nature. Whatever it is that fills you up make sure you are doing enough of it. 

The next ring is your relationship if you have one. I believe it is important to invest time in your relationship. For example have date nights. I think it is very easy if you have a busy career or children to forget to nurture your relationship with your partner. I also believe that careers generally have a lifespan. I believe that if time and effort is invested in your relationship it can last indefinitely. 

The next ring is your children. Children need time and security. They need to feel loved and safe. Families now have many forms and are not necessarily a mother and a father. It is important  you are safe and the children are safe and loved. I believe that when families are happy and loving ,communities have more chance of being strong and connected. 

The next ring is your community. I believe time needs to spent building connections within our community. These connections could be your neighborhood community, your work community or your school community. There are always going to be times where your health is compromised or your dealing with sadness. The more connected we are as communities and the more support and love we can show each other as humans the easier these times will be to bear.

The next ring is your environment. We all should be fighting to prevent water contamination, reduce pollution, increase recycling and reduce our impact on this precious planet. 

And finally we should be extending care beyond our own families and communities to all people on our planet and our whole planet. We should be fighting for reducing world poverty, reduced emissions world wide and giving equal access for all people to food, water and shelter. We should also be hoping for a peaceful and connected world.