My view on life

I am a very firm believer that to lead a fulfilled, happy life one has to do work on oneself. I have been a mother for 19 years and in that process I have questioned my role. I was trained as a nurse and absolutely loved my job. I have been a stay at home Mum for the last 21years and I love that job. I have questioned and still do question whether this has been the best role for me and whether I have wasted my education. I constantly answer this question with – no I have not wasted my education. I have beautiful happy, secure children and a very happy marriage. I have been very blessed to be able to make the choice to stay at home but it has definetly been a choice and over the years my husband and I have made sacrifices to be able to do this.In the process of raising my children, working on my marriage and working on myself I have some thoughts.

These thoughts are:
To lead a happy life you need to be grateful and choose to practice happiness.
To have a happy marriage you need to put time into caring for yourself and to have a truly fulfilling marriage you need to feel fulfilled. Marriage is not a static relationship and needs to be nurtured constantly.

To have happy and secure children you need to care for yourself and have a marriage that is happy. If there is violence of any sort you should endeavor to get help. It is paramount that the children and you are safe.

To have functioning connected communities we need to have functioning happy and safe relationships and families. I believe families have many forms and do not necessarily include a mother and a father. Provided the family unit is loving and safe I think that is what is important.
I think it is important to look after those less fortunate than ourselves.
I try and look for the best in every situation.
I try and live a life that is healthy and happy and I try to make choices that contribute to a healthy and happy life.
I believe in balance in all things. For example exercise hard but include rest, eat healthily but enjoy treats like the best champagne and the best chocolate, work hard but holiday regularly.
I believe that connected families and communities will make our world a happier place and I will continue to strive to improve the happiness and connections of those individuals I come in contact with.
There are always going to be times where your health is compromised or your dealing with sadness. The more connected we are as communities and the more support and love we can show each other as humans the easier these times will be to bear.

A Sprinkling of Gratitude  will make help life to be just a little bit better…….
I hope the information I share, the stories I tell and the gratitude I show will help to make someones life easier and inspire you to lead a happier, more grateful and fulfilled life.