Day 28 and Day 29

Today is Thursday . We travelled from Champagne to Bordeaux today on the TGV. It was a 6 hour journey . We spent the afternoon exploring the old city. We had dinner at a restaurant called Petite Commerce which specialized in seafood. We had oysters, prawns, winkles and other delicious seafood with lots of bread and butter. I am in heaven in France because it is a country that loves butter, the butter is heavenly and I love butter!
On Friday we did a walking tour of the farmers markets and spent the afternoon exploring more of the city. The walking tour of the markets was fantastic. We learnt lots about the local produce. One interesting fact that I discovered – It is illegal in France to genetically modify food. It was wonderful to spend time just wandering with David in the afternoon.





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3 Responses to Day 28 and Day 29

  1. Cass George says:

    Oh too true …. Being a twosome is sublime!

  2. Jan Blackford says:

    Heavenly French butter! X

  3. Denise Jones says:

    That is quite a bucket of bread! You’ll need lots of butter to get through that….

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