Week Forty Eight – Why I blog . 

Today I thought I would share why I blog. 

This is an old post that I am re sharing . 

I started blogging quite a few years ago to communicate my travel adventures with my friends and family. Quite a few of my family did not have Facebook and blogging was a useful tool to communicate with them. 

After my accident on the 10th June, 2015 I had a damaged left arm and I am left handed. I have journaled for years and couldn’t do this because of my injuries. I decided that I would use my blog to record the five things I was grateful about each day. It was again a useful tool – it communicated my progress to my friends and family and writing what I was grateful about kept me positive in the months I was recovering. 

In the last few months my life has got busier and returned pretty much to normal. I am continuing to blog my grateful list. We are also traveling again so I am again using my blog to communicate our travels and record our travels for my own record. I have also started to use my blog to comment about subjects that I am passionate about – for example why it is useful to practice gratitude, how I believe a good life is organized, choosing to live with love and not fear, and subjects like terrorism and  Death. I have also had a few posts that have detailed why I am not grateful. 

Each time I think about stopping my blog I seem to get a message from someone to say it is helping them in some way. This seems to be that someone is low and reading all my grateful posts gives them a pick me up, reading my ungrateful posts I think reminds us all that it is unrealistic to be happy every day and that one unhappy day does not mean an unhappy life and also that it is possible to turn around unhappiness. Some days I do feel like I am putting my soul out into the public arena but I am trying to be honest about my life and the way I feel. Some days I think I have put too much of what is going on in my head into my blog but I will continue to do this because if my blog helps one person in even some small way or gives just one person some enjoyment that is a reason for me to keep blogging. 

Thank you to all of you who read my blog and I hope in some small way I am making a difference to someone’s life. 

Until next time…..

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Hi Jen pleased that you will keep painting. How strange I have just been watching Dekyong on YouTube convincing me that it is possible to be happy all the time.

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