Sunday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for connection. Last weekend David and I were away working on our relationship and our connection. This weekend we have been at home in Brisbane connecting with lovely friends. 

I know it is important to be comfortable and to have a roof over my head and food in my tummy but connection with others is so important for my wellbeing . I believe what most people want from life is connection to others. 

Yesterday I walked on Mt Cootha, went to a Charity Race Day and then went on to a Housewarming for a friend. 

While I was walking on Mt Cootha I talked to a lovely lady called Naomi who I have crossed paths with many times in the last few years. Her husband was president of the Kindy P and C committee when my youngest was at Kindy. We have ridden our bikes together. We have run together.  We were both nurses. Naomi made the most beautiful meals for me when I was sick. Yesterday we talked about our children, we talked about Naomi’s dissertation. Naomi is a breast feeding specialist and has written a paper that has been published about breast feeding. She is the most amazing lady and it was so lovely to chat yesterday and we talked a lot about the importance of love and connection. 

I then had breakkie with my lovely friend Nicci Heath. We talk a lot about the value of friendship and connection and I am lucky to have Nicci as my friend.

The charity day I went to yesterday was to  raise money for a conductive education program for young people with disabilities. CEQ provides an option for families who seek programs that address individual needs in a group setting. It is about improving these young people’s ability and opportunity to connect with others. To donate to this organization here is the link: Conductive Education Queensland. Once again I connected with old friends. I spent time talking to a lovely lady Sam. We used to holiday together many years ago and have not seen each other for years. We had so much to talk about and it felt just like old times. 

David and I then went on to a housewarming last night. I am aware we were there to see a friends new house but it was actually not about the house but about the people in the home. It was another opportunity to connect with old and new friends. I really enjoyed the company of everyone I spoke to to and was grateful to be asked to share the evening in Geoff’s home. 

This morning this quote popped up on my Facebook feed which I think is very appropriate 
Thank you to all those people who took time to speak to me yesterday. I am grateful to be able to listen to your stories and I am grateful for the connection we have. 

Until next time 

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