A passionate response to Death.

Today I am musing on illness and death.
Our culture does not talk about death. Aussies live in a wonderful country and we are generally a fun and loving group of people. We have an fantastic climate and we live in a free country and we choose our leaders and we can say what we like when we like. Why would we choose to talk about death? Except death is the only thing in the whole of our life that is definitely going to happen.
Illness doesn’t always lead to death but life always leads to death.
It troubles me that illness happens and if that illness is or becomes terminal that it is necessary to always have hope that death is not going to happen. Death is always going to happen.
I am not suggesting that hope should become obsolete. I am suggesting that at some point we should become comfortable with death. I do not know if this is possible.
Hope gives drive and purpose. Without drive and purpose are we nothing?
I do believe at some point it is dignified and an individual will have more peace if each day is taken as a gift and death is recognized as inevitable.
I think when someone has an illness that is terminal at some point it must use up a lot of energy being hopeful for what tomorrow is going to bring. What if each moment is taken as a gift – wouldn’t that make life more peaceful and joyful?
I believe in heaven and I also believe in life after death. I cannot see these things so I do not know if they are real. I do not know if I will get a second chance after I have died. I think I will but who knows…it is important for me to get this life sorted.
It is important for me to work enjoying each moment. I don’t know if I will be hit by a bus today or whether I will live to 102. I want to live with hope but I also want to live with the possibility that it could all change in a moment.
I believe the more comfortable we all become about the possibility that in a moment we could be dead that we would all become more compassionate towards each other and that we would all take more time to squeeze the most out of every single moment that has been gifted to us.


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