Wednesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for the beautiful Suchting family who we stayed with in Whistler. 

Today I am grateful for the day I met Kerryn. I was new to The Gap and had just started my children at swimming lessons at The Gap Primary school. I had my youngest in a pram. I walked into the pool area pushing the pram and thought who looks like a nice mummy to talk to. I chose Kerryn. I sat down and introduced myself. I also introduced Sophia to her and she introduced her daughter who was also in a pram as Sophie. I then said to Kerryn “and my daughter Lucy is in the pool”. Kerryn laughed and said “my daughter Lucy is also in the pool”. My son Nicholas was also in the pool and her son Jack was in the pool too. We have been great friends ever since and our children are great friends also and a lot more grown up! 

Sophia and Sophie

Lucy and Lucy

The girls all grown up.

Jack and Nicholas all grown up

I am so lucky to have worked with Kerryn on many fundraising activities together. Kerryn works hard, is great fun and makes very little fuss. 

David has travelled with Kerryn’s husband Peter and they also get on very well.

Our children have all gone to the same primary school and high school and although they all have different friends we are so lucky they all still get on extremely well and still love spending time together. 

After my accident Kerryn was absolutely wonderful and coordinated many people to look after our family. 

Our holiday in Whistler was great fun, we shared great food, wonderful company, great accommodation and continued to cement our special friendship.   

Until next time

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