My perfect life 

Today I thought it was appropriate to articulate my perfect life.


How can you strive for the perfect life if you have no idea what you want that life to look like?

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt


My perfect life is one in which I have a happy and calm home where my family can come and enjoy good food, companionship and love.

I would like the people in our home to communicate kindly and for each persons opinion to be listened to respectfully without fear of critisism. I do not require all the people in our home to agree but I do need each person to be valued for their opinion and treated with respect.

I would like all my family to come and go from our home, be respectful, contribute to our home life, do their chores happily, keep their rooms tidy and communicate with me about when they are home and when they are out.

Our home

I would like to have chickens so we can have fresh eggs.
I would like to be able to have vegies regularly from my vegie patch.

I would like to have bees and honey.

I would like our home to be comfortable and tidy with lots of family photos displayed and wonderful places to sit, read, play music and be able to share each other’s company and also have places to be able to be private.

I would like each person who lives here to have their own space which is theirs alone .

I would like to regularly have fresh flowers inside .


I would like to eat food that is nutritious, has been produced close to home. I would like the fruit and vegetables to be free from pesticides and diseases.I would like the meat I eat to have come from animals that are able to eat food free from pesticides and other chemicals and are able to roam freely in paddocks.

I would like to be able to exercise 6 days a week. I would like to be able to do this in a way that keeps me moving well and being healthy.


I would like to be able to sing regularly.

I would like to spend two hours each week tending to my garden.

I would like to paint once a fortnight.

I would like to read every day.

Social and Friendships

I would like to entertain regularly and not get stressed about how my home looks.


I would like to go skiing once a year.

I would like to do another overseas trip every second year.

I would like to do regular short trips in Australia or countries close by eg New Zealand, Singapore, Bali.


I would like to finish my post graduate diploma in Counselling and then use my diploma and my nursing degree in combination to work in palliative care. I am happy at this stage to remain as a volunteer. I am very interested in helping people to lead a more fulfilled life and I am not sure what that will look like in the coming years. I truly believe individuals can be healed using meditation, articulating and working towards goals, living gratefully and including exercise and nutritious food in their daily plan. I am very interested in energy medicine and reading peoples auras and helping them to clear/heal these energies. I believe living a joyful life is not necessarily a life free from illness or sadness but it is a life living in the present moment filled with joyful moments.


I would like to meditate regularly and I would like to further this practice through regular meditation retreats.

I know that these things are not going to happen every day and I know there will be times that other things take over in my life but I do believe they are all wonderful things to hope and dream about. 

What does your perfect life look like?