Saturday’s Grateful Post 

Today I am grateful for  our differences. 


Today I am grateful for our similarities.

Today I am grateful for those things that connect each and every one of us.

Today I  feel it is time to celebrate our differences but work together to find out what connects us.

Today I feel it is time to understand things can be done differently. 

As Audre Lorde said: 

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences”

Today I am grateful that women and men are different. Men cannot fall pregnant and carry a child. But men and women can raise a family together.  It is time we recognized those differences and had conversations about what makes us different, what we are good at but how we can work together to raise our children in the best possible way.

Today I am grateful for science and spirituality and religion. Science provides an explaination. Religion and spirituality recognize that things happen that cannot be measured or explained. I like having an explaination but I also appreciate that life can be a mystery. I think it is wonderful to be able to observe and be inspired by both science and mystery. Let us continue to allow science to provide explaination but recognize the need for faith and mystery. 

Today I am grateful that we are a country of many people of different origins. Today I am grateful for our beautiful country. It is a land filled with contrasts – beautiful landscapes and harsh environments, cuddly animals and the most dangerous animals in the world. Today I am grateful for all the different cultures that contribute to what Australia is today – the different foods, the different people, the different religions, the different cultural experiences, the different languages. Today I am grateful that we have all survived in this harsh land despite our differences.  All the cultures have a story. Many have experienced difficulties. The aboriginal people have experienced much hardship including European settlement and the Stolen Generation. Our country has refugees from war torn countries. Let us all work together to recognize what has so far been accomplished in this country and continue to work towards a country filled with hope and optimism where we can all live together. 

Today I am grateful for people in our world who work to recognize our differences but acknowledging our shared humanity. Some of my favourite people who do this on a regular basis are Maria Shriver who writes the The Sunday Paper and Nicole Cody who writes a blog called Cauldrons and Cupcakes

Today I encourage you to celebrate your uniqueness but take time to listen to others and find out what it is that connects us. I believe when we do this we will be much closer to a peaceful world. 

Until next time 

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