Week Six Sunday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful for technology. I have just found a journaling app that I can use until I can again write with my left hand.

Today I am grateful for another short outing. I went to the Gap Farmer’s Markets this morning for a little while. I had a beautiful fresh juice and a delicious crepe.

Today I am grateful that David didn’t ride this morning. It means I will have his company all day. 

Today I am grateful that our local pet shop delivers dog food. I didn’t have to get David  to get it when it ran out. 

Today I am grateful that we live so close to bushland. We have so much bird life to listen to. 

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2 Responses to Week Six Sunday’s Grateful List

  1. Ken Russ says:

    Hi Jen

    It was really great to arrive at breakfast yesterday and see your wonderful smile again. Very special day for you as well. Just as well we didn’t just drop in at home to surprise you like we were going to. I know who would have been surprised.

    Keep working on your recovery. That is your full time job for now.

    Missing you special lady.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Ken. It was lovely to see everyone. I didn’t really get to chat to you and Deb. I would love to catch up again soon. If you do a Sunday ride let me know and I will meet you for brekkie. Xxx

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