Week Six Saturday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful for taxis. I am still not able to drive  but I have been able to out this week a couple of times on my own. Being able to get places by taxi has given me a little bit of independence. I am very grateful that people are very happy to drive me places but is also very nice to be able to go places independently. 

Today I am grateful that with my new brace I am able to put my clothes on over the  brace instead of having a big visible cumbersome brace over my clothes.

Today I am grateful that my girls have new curtains in their bedrooms. It means if we get more cold weather they won’t have such cold rooms. 

Today I am grateful that I loved cycling so much. Even though I am quite a while from getting back on a bike the cameraderie, fitness and adventure I experienced while riding gives me something to aim for again in the future. 

Today I am grateful for having breakfast with the MB cycling crew this morning. It was lovely to see everyone, breakfast was delicious and I felt very loved by everyone. 

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  1. Michele Taylor says:

    Can I visit this week and bring my manicure equipment to treat you? Xx

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