Week 5 Monday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful that I have quite a lot of medical knowledge from days as a registered nurse. I always understood what was happening to me in hospital and I also understand now that although my healing is slower than I would like, it is happening and there are good reasons for why I am tired. I encourage anyone who is involved with hospitals or medical treatment to not be afraid to question what is being done. If I didn’t understand what was being done to me I would have found the situation very difficult. I didn’t have much control over what was happening to me but at least I understood it. I think it is very important for people who are sick to have some control over their situation and understanding what is going on is definetly a step that gives some control. I think the other thing that is very important in these situations is to have someone who can be an advocate for you. I am very grateful that I had two very amazing people who were advocates for me – David and my Dad. Again I encourage anyone who is in the situation of dealing with illness to have someone you trust helping you out to negotiate the medical system. 

Today I am grateful for the sunny flowers my friend Deb gave me and the delicious chocolate Ken gave me. 

Today I am grateful that I spoke to David’s 93 year old Grandma today. She didn’t want to bother me with phone calls. It was lovely to talk to her today and reassure her I was going to get better. I did get a bit of a talking too about continuing to look after myself and she told me to take notice of Dad he lectured me about further bike riding. Audrey is the most amazing lady and I am so grateful to know and love her. 
Today I am grateful that I have had a blood test at home this morning. I needed a blood test done and I called Sullivan and Niccolaides and they have a mobile service so they came here. 

Today I am grateful that I got a text from Nicholas to say he is safely at Mount Barney. I think he is crazy camping at Mt Barney in this weather! 

My thought for today is:  


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