Week 5 Wednesday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful for physical touch. I am grateful that I am pain free enough  for David or the children to rub my back and hold my hand. While I was in hospital I was beautifully looked after and encouraged to walk and move in bed but I was surprised that no one offered to give my back a rub. When I got home and the carer that David had organized to help me in the shower offered to rub moisturizer on my back that I realized how much I had been missing skin to skin contact. My Grandpa lived to 99 years old and whenever we visited him he craved cuddles. I now have a little insight into how much we as humans need human touch. I encourage you all today to offer that touch to someone you know. If you visit an elderly relative hold their hands or brush their hair. If you know someone who is living on their own or has lost a partner offer a cuddle or hold their hand. 

Today I am grateful for being able to do the little things like brush my own teeth and dry my hair. It is amazing how important these little things become. Many years ago I read a book called Cry of The Damaged Man. It was written by a doctor who had been in a terrible accident. He wrote a book about his recovery. One of the most valuable things for him was washing his face and doing his teeth in the morning in hospital. Some of the nurses would very happily get him a bowl of water and a cup of water to enable him to do this. Other nurses would not and did not understand the importance of these simple tasks. It is something I think that is very important to people who are not well to help them to do simple tasks that they can manage. For me it gives me some control over a situation that I do not have much control over. 

Today I am grateful for how incredibly kind people are. I called Paula the owner from Petrol Clothing yesterday afternoon to aske her if she had any ponchos in stock. It is hard for me to put on a coat at the moment because of the splint on my arm and it is so cold. She did have a poncho in stock. Not only did she drop in after work with it but she gave it to me!!! 

Today I am grateful that Nicholas came home from safely from Mount Barney. I think he had a great time sitting around the camp fire and sharing stories with mates. I am grateful that the 15 of them that went all got home safely. ( Teenagers and cars are scary! ).

Today I am grateful that the appointment I had yesterday went well. The general surgical team from the RBH do not want to see me again. Yeh! 

I hope all of you who are reading my blog today have a lovely day. 

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  1. Karen says:

    Way to Jen T!!!! Awesome news about your progress. Just remember you are a huge encouragement to so may people who care for you and would love to cuddle you. xxxxx

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