Day Eleven

Today we drove from Granada to Madrid. David drove very well and we made it safely to our hotel in Madrid. I have to say though I much prefer the train.
What a surprise once we got to Madrid. David had booked us into the Ritz Madrid and we were upgraded to a VERY large room! Lucy said ” Mum I could sleep in the cupboard it is so big! ”

The girls enjoying the hotel !


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3 Responses to Day Eleven

  1. Helen says:

    That is fun! Great to hear all is going well Jen. We are into our final days in Cascais, Portugal. Heading home on Wednesday. Has been a great trip. I only went to your blog yesterday, some great family memories being had by you all. Love to the family.

  2. Cass George says:

    Don’t you just LOVE those robes!! Always feel so relaxed in those.
    No wonder people steal them!
    The coffee table free treats don’t last long either ….
    Enjoy Madrid!
    Fantastic food bars there.

  3. Jan Blackford says:

    Lucy & Sophia, you fit perfectly into the luxurious lifestyle! Enjoy every minute of it! xxx

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