Day 10

Today we had a private tour around the city of Granada. Our guide’s name was Gabrielle from Tours by Locals. My lovely friend Liz McCormack recommended this company. Another great day. We had a tour of the old city and then walked up to the main attraction in Granada – The Alhambra.

Another amazing combination of Muslim, Christian and Jewish influences. The gardens of this area were beautiful. The Alhambra was also another example of buildings with insignificant exteriors and beautiful interiors. One of the things I found interesting was all the fountains and water features were gravity fed. The Muslim fountains were very peaceful with trickling water sounds. The baroque / renaissance style fountains were much more noisy and the water spouted rather than trickled. I preferred the Muslim fountains.

In the evening we went to the area on the opposite hill to the Alhambra to photograph the Alhambra as the sun went down ( about 10pm). We met a lovely couple from Melbourne here and the wife gave Nicholas some extremely sound advice . She said to Nick ” Enjoy this holiday as it is the cheapest one you will ever have” .









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3 Responses to Day 10

  1. Al Tucker says:

    Wow looks amazing. I want to go there! Sounds like you are having a fabulous holiday. Good advice for Nick.

  2. Cass George says:

    You are obviously listening to every word from your tour guide Jen!
    Very well informed indeed.
    Very special photos of your family.
    Listen up Nick!

  3. greer says:

    Alhambra is stunning….how lucky you all are to see this

    Photos great loved on of Lucy in floral arcade

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