Week Twenty Wednesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for all the positive information that is available to me via social media. I choose to have friends who generally post lovely photos or who share meaningful events, I follow pages that are uplifting or include beautiful photos of beautiful places or inspiring stories. If things do happen to pop up on my feed that I don’t like I can use the report button, block the user or remove the offending post from my feed. Yesterday the following quote popped up – an inspiring one to live life by.

 Today I am grateful that I had a lovely day yesterday celebrating Melbourne Cup with some girlfriends. We went to Lutece for lunch yesterday – it was great food, beautiful fashion and great company. 


  Today I am grateful that we got a good amount of rain yesterday. Our garden really needed it.

Today I am grateful I saw my sister over the weekend. She has moved into a new house. She looks well and appears happy which makes me feel glad.

Today I am grateful that by the end of the day I will have a clean oven, microwave and BBQ. They are being cleaned by a company called Oven U. I hope they will all look nearly brand new. ( They do look brand new). 



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