Week Nineteen Sunday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for not doing the Noosa Tri this year.I missed the amazing atmosphere,the bike bling and sharing with good friends. 


  It would have been my tenth year in a team  and I had entered but as I have not recovered sufficiently I was unable to compete. I will just have to do my tenth next year. I was able to set my alarm and watch the last game of the World Cup. It was an awesome game and although the Aussies didn’t win they played very bravely. I loved watching. Nick got up too and sat and watched with us.


Today I am grateful that all my kids were out enjoying the sunshine this morning. David and I walked to breakkie. We saw Nick out running. The girls walked down to Breakkie too – just a few minutes behind us.

Today I am grateful that I have stopped all my pain relief again. I have also stopped taking sleeping tablets. I was feeling sick and like I had a hangover so I made the decision three days ago to stop taking everything and see how I felt. I still have pain but I feel so much better I have decided I can cope with the pain in my shoulder. 

Today I am grateful that I had a float yesterday. Many years ago I used to float for relaxation and recovery. I found a float centre in the city that has newly opened up, is beautiful and clean and the float tanks are brand new. The centre is called Just Float and it will be interesting to see if it helps my recovery. 

Today I am grateful for the jacarandas flowering. Every time I walk there seems to be more. I just love them so much. It reminds me how much I love Brisbane. 


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