Week Eighteen Thursday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for living in Brisbane. Yesterday I was walking along the river with my friend Deb. Today I was walking in the bush with my daughter Lucy.


Today I am grateful for the wonderful chats Lucy and I have when walking. This morning I said to Lucy I would love to be able to hear the birds but my breathing is too loud. She replied – Mum loud breathing is better than no breathing! 

Today I am grateful for the lovely lunch I shared with my old school friend Sarah. It was so lovely to catch up. She had cooked the most delicious lunch. We could have talked for hours and hours.

Today I am grateful for writing about why I love bike riding. It helped to get my thoughts sorted out in my head.  I am missing riding so much but I am really not sure whether I am going to be able to get back on my bike without a lot of anxiety. After writing that post I know I will eventually ride again but I am not quite ready to ride my road bike. I do not want to ride a bike on a windtrainer just yet because that will only reinforce that I am not out enjoying the open air with my friends. Maybe you will see me on a retro bike with a basket soon……

I would like a bike like this – 

And I would like to look like this – 

Today I am grateful for dreaming …..

Today I am grateful for taking things slowly. I miss so much when I am busy. This week I have realized what a beautiful home I live in, what a special city Brisbane is and what amazing friends and family I have. Sometimes I forget to appreciate the everyday stuff. 





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