Why I love Riding my Bike. 


I love riding a bike because 

  • I get up in the morning and I get to see the most beautiful part of the day. The sun coming up.
  • I share my ride with people who feel the same way I do about life.
  • I think riding my bike is fun and challenging at the same time.
  • I first started riding a bike 7 years ago. I fell off and fell off and fell off. I had such a sense of achievement and was so proud of myself when I managed to remain upright on a ride.
  • It was often the slowest and most uncoordinated rider in the group. It was a wonderful feeling when I could keep up with my fellow riders and enjoy the ride.
  • I have always chosen to ride with people who are supportive and fun. It is great to go out and do a 40km or 50 km ride and share the friendship and fun with other like minded people.
  • I can remember the first time I rode 100km. I did it with an amazing man called Freddy Morini who had been a professional bike rider. He was so supportive and never let me stop believing that such a distance was possible. I can remember the feeling of awe of myself that I had been able to ride such a huge distance. 
  • We all wear Lycra when we ride. I know many people make fun of us. We are all different shapes and sizes. Apart from being the most comfortable attire for riding a bike in we all look pretty similar. No one really knows what you look like in your everyday life when you first start riding. Riders share a common respect for each other that can sometimes be missing when individuals judge each other by the clothes you wear.
  • I love the fact that the people I ride with don’t leave me behind. I love the fact that I have been encouraged and supported to get faster and stronger.
  • I love the fact that when I have got faster and stronger that I have been able to offer that same support to others that come into the group that are slower and nervous just like I have been.
  • I love the sense of achievement when I climb any hill.
  • I love the sense of achievement when I train and climb a harder hill.
  • I love being taught things about how to be a better and safer rider.
  • I love teaching others about how to be a better and safer rider.
  • I love that there is always something new to learn.
  • I love that there is always something harder to conquer.
  • I love the fact that even though I get scared of doing things when I ride I still do them.
  • I love the fact that I can show my children that even when you are scared that you can still achieve amazing things. I did the Noosa 160km ride a few years ago. I trained really hard with a great group of people. Even though I had done the training I had so much self doubt about achieving the distance. I was amazed and thrilled when I finished. Not only did I show myself what was possible but I think I was a great role model for my kids.
  • I have seen amazing sites including Brisbane, Adelaide and Provence.
  • I love the fact that when you ride a bicycle you talk. Often people share their troubles and their joys. I feel privileged to share these conversations with people.
  • I love the feeling of speed. You don’t get the same feeling walking or even running. 
  • I love the taste of food at the end of a hard ride. Not only does the food often taste delicious but I know I have often earned the meal and I am refueling and building up my body ready for the next time I ride.
  • I love that riding does not hurt your joints as much as running. 
  • I love that I can be in the city at the beginning of a ride and get to see the ocean or a mountain or both during the ride.
  • I love that my husband and I can share our experiences about riding. 
  • I love that I  see and  appreciate things that I wouldn’t see driving a car like a pretty flower or the smell of freshly mown grass. 
  • I love just riding my bike. 

I am grateful I have had the privilege to ride a bike and I hope I have the opportunity to ride a bike again soon. 

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2 Responses to Why I love Riding my Bike. 

  1. T says:

    I love that in my 50s I am getting stronger and fitter.
    I love meeting people like the James’ in their 70s but faster and stronger than most of us – they inspire me to believe in myself.
    I love being a menopausal woman who can sometimes ‘chick flick’ the younger guys.
    I love the sense of community and the comradery on a ride.
    I love that my man and I share a passion for this sport, it brings us closer.
    I love meeting people like Jen. 🙂
    Riding makes water taste like French champagne especially after cemetery hill!

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