Wednesdays Grateful list

Today I am grateful I am home! 

Today I am grateful that while I was in hospital the lovely cleaner Janice took the time to put a shower curtain in my bathroom so everything didn’t get wet while I was showering. 

Today I am grateful that the lovely kitchen staff lady Angela took the time to record my meal choices because I couldn’t because my left arm is damaged and I am left handed. Luckily then I didn’t starve. 

Today I am grateful I am not wearing pjs but normal clothes which makes me feel a little bit human. 

Today I am grateful that David drove carefully home so it didn’t hurt too much on the drive home. 

Today I am grateful for my puppy dogs. 

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9 Responses to Wednesdays Grateful list

  1. Catherine Elms says:

    I was so very sorry to hear of your terrible accident. I hope you are on the mend. I’m sure you will be much happier and more comfortable at home. All our love Cath Elms and family( including Ken and Georgina)

  2. Petina Roberts says:

    Welcome home Jen xx

  3. Suellen Knight says:

    Glad you’re home to continue healing at a fast rate
    Best of luck

  4. Ken Russ says:

    It is extremely good to see my tough little soldier back at home. I am going to miss being out of breath trying to catch the little pocket rocket up those hills.

    Till we meet again and sweat over out top tubes, be strong little one of great strength.

  5. Shez says:


    WELL DONE….and keep getting stronger each day…..
    Shez and Ross
    (sent you a message on your Blog beginning of the week but don’t think you received it…as not sure I ‘clicked’ on the correct key??!! So am trying again!

  6. Liz says:

    So glad you’ve got to go home. I love reading your blog each day. You are an amazing and inspiring person. Thinking of you and here’s to you continuing to make such fantastic progress in your recovery.

  7. Karen & Merv says:

    Hi Jen! We are so pleased you are home again. No place quite as good as home. Your blog is awesome and we love that you are sharing this recovery with us all. Get a good sleep tonight in your own bed. Gentle hugs. xxxxx

  8. Melanie Quinn says:

    Welcome Home Jen, we glad you are safe, we will see you soon.

  9. Maree Walton says:

    Glad you are home Jen and on the mend xx

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