Tuesdays Grateful list

Today I am grateful for eyes to see my beautiful flowers and smell to smell my beautiful  flowers.  


Thank you to everyone who has sent flowers and gifts and cards.

Today I am grateful for the little beanie kid that Sophia gave me that is keeping me company at night,  


Today I am grateful that I managed to walk 6 laps of the ward last night before bed. 

Today I am grateful I am going home tomorrow hopefully. 

Today I am grateful that I have a brace on my arm that is supportive, that I can take off to shower and that bends at the elbow.

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3 Responses to Tuesdays Grateful list

  1. Chris Shallish says:

    Jen, your a a flower that blossoms when you enter the room to many people. You perfume showers so many people in love, laughter and the compassion of a caring friend. I am glad you are enjoying the beautiful flowers that friends and family have given you. The joy you get from these is a reflection on the joy you give others. You are starting once again to blossom back to the Jen we will always love and respect. Six laps is awesome around the ward. I know what you will be aiming for today, cant keep a good girl down, you go girl!

  2. Michele Taylor says:

    Jen today I am grateful that I have read your blog. Xx

  3. Suellen Knight says:

    You are so close to going home AMAZING. I’m probably off sick the next couple of days as I’ve gotten a cold. So I won’t see you again as an inpatient.
    Best of luck with the rest of your recovery I’ll probably only catch you on FB or if we organise another 7JS reunion
    Call if you need anything that the others can’t get
    Suellen xox

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