We travel often. I have three children and a husband and I generally pack for myself and the children. I like to travel light. I often get asked about what do I pack so I am going to list my standard packing list for summer holidays. This list is what I would pack for five days or three weeks .

5 sets of underwear.
3 sets of clothes to wear during the day. These clothes are generally three 2 Capri pants and one long pair of black pants. The brand I have found that are the most stylish and the most practical to wash and dry quickly and easily are from Snowgum. I have two wash and wear collared shirts and one white t shirt that is again wash and quick dry.
One warm set of clothes. This set is generally a pair of woolen trousers and a shirt. With a light cardigan. I do not pack jeans as they are heavy and take up a lot of luggage space that can be used for shopping purchases!
One set of clothes that can be worn out in the evening. I generally take a Sasha Drake Dress.This dress can be worn over togs or as a beautiful evening dress. It is very versatile.
2 pairs of shoes. I take a pair of walking shoes that have my orthotics in them and a flat pair of sandals that Ican wear in the evenings. I do not take sandshoes as they are ugly and take up too much space.
One belt. It just gives my pants a smarter look.
Two scarves. Scarves take up a very small amount of space and can give some color into my otherwise very bland travel wardrobe.
Toiletries . I do not decant my toiletries into the plastic bottles that you buy in travel shops as I have found over the years they burst and spread sticky product all through my toiletries bag. I instead try and collect samples of all my regular products. I always take moisturizer and my normal shampoo and conditioner as there is nothing worse when traveling to have hair that feels like sticks and a face that is unmoisturised.

Some other things that I do when traveling that are important to mention.
I always take three blow up coat hangers.

You have to keep your eyes out for them as they are not very common. I bought mine from Kathmandu – the travel shop. I wash all our clothes in the bathrooms of the hotels we stay in. If you have quick dry fabrics and hang them on these coat hangers the clothes dry very quickly because the garment has airflow between both sides.


I also take hand disinfectant.


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