Tuesday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful for getting up early.

Today I am grateful that I love to exercise early.

Today I am grateful for all the hellos I received when walking. It seems to me the earlier I walk the more friendly people are. I am so grateful for all the nods, smiles and hellos from people walking past me.

Today I am grateful for all the activities I notice early in the morning. This morning there was

  • a young man doing yoga poses – he was standing on his head with no support and was so strong.
  • A single standup paddle boarder who was way out in the ocean. I watched him for a while and he was using the ocean swell to work his way back into shore.

  • A photographer who was also observing people and taking photos of not only the ocean but interesting people on the foreshore.

Today I am grateful for seeing the sun rise over the ocean. I never seem to tire of this occurrence.

Until next time

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