Tuesday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful for goals.

It is over two years since my accident now and I have decided it is time for some achievable fitness goals. These goals are

  • To ride 40km as part of a team of very special friends at the Noosa Tri in November next year.
  • To run non stop for 20mins. I have no time frame for this. It will just happen when it happens.
  • To walk 30km in a team of girls in the Sunshine Coast Trek in May next year.
  • To walk the Bay of Fires with David next April.

I haven’t had many goals over the last two years because every time I gave myself a goal that I thought I would reach I didn’t because something came up that was related to injuries from my accident. It was very challenging because I am a person who likes having goals. It was also very challenging because I think our society is geared towards reaching goals. For example many people eat to reach a certain weight, or exercise to achieve a certain event or study to get a certain OP. It is actually a shame that we are so goal driven. We should eat to be healthy and fuel our bodies to feel the best possible way. We should exercise within our limits so our bodies move well and remain injury free and we should study to improve our mind and be able to have interesting conversations and keep our minds active. When we are purely goal driven I think we lose these perspectives.

So I am going to work towards these goals but keep all the above at the forefront of my mind. Hopefully this will keep me balanced in the process of achieving these goals. And hopefully I will see you out walking or running or riding.

Until next time

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  1. Remember Me says:

    If you ever see me on one of your walks it will mean I’ve made it over your way at last. You never know my friend – one day!

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