Sunday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for being able to walk and talk and hear and see. 

I have just had the most beautiful weekend. I have been away to Sydney with Lyn Morrison and 13 other ladies with Walking Escapes

We walked 42km along the Northern Beaches of Sydney from Collaroy to Balmoral. 

I am grateful for my legs that carried me those 42km without any issue. This is the first big goal I have had since my accident. I have been training on Mt Cootha in Brisbane every Friday in preparation. I wore appropriate clothing. I had a comfortable back pack. I walked with poles to protect my knees  and I wore Iniji toe socks to prevent blisters. I finished with only regular stiffness and I only had one tiny blister on my toe. I am very proud of myself and I am very grateful to Lyn Morrison who not only invited me along to join the trip but provided a trip that was in a beautiful place, comfortable, challenging, and fun. The trip  was in a place that allowed me to feel safe and able to stop easily and return to the hotel by taxi if the distance had been too challenging. I didn’t have to return to the hotel and I loved it!

I am grateful for my voice. I was able to talk, laugh and share stories with 13 women over the course of the weekend. I didn’t know many of these women well and I felt welcome and cared about all weekend. 

I am grateful for my eyes. The view during the walk was stunning. Not only did we have beautiful coastline to admire but we walked past some pretty incredible houses and gardens. 

I am grateful for my ears that listened to women talking, birds chirping and the sound of the ocean. I loved listening to all the stories and life experiences that all these women had experienced. Whenever women get together I am overwhelmed by their  resilience and the care and compassion that is offered to each other. It was an honor to be in their company. I also loved listening to the birds along our walk. At one point there was an unusual call and a big black cockatoo landed very close to us all. We were blessed to see and hear it. 

I am grateful that I have taste buds. We ate at beautiful restaurants and enjoyed some very delicious food and wine. We were also spoilt by Lyn who made home made lemon slice and Anzac biscuits. 

I am grateful that I was able to spend an extra night in Sydney. I caught up with my baby sister. It was great to spend some time with her and her boyfriend Rohan and her beautiful French bulldog George. 

I am also grateful that David was at home looking after things at home and that he was able to race safely yesterday. 

Once again I feel so privileged to be alive! 

Until next time

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Glad you had such a lovely time Jen. Thanks for those beautiful photos.

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