Monday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that I am brave. I had a video of a memory pop up on Facebook this morning that reminded me that four years ago I went hanggliding in Queenstown. It was the most amazing and beautiful thing I think I have ever done. I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been brave. It did make me stop and think about all the other things that I have been privileged to do because I am brave. I use the word brave because I have so many thoughts of not being good enough before doing these things but I have managed to overcome these feelings generally with an amazing result. 

I am grateful that I have done an ocean swim. I was terrified I would get cramps, run out of breath and look silly but a number of years ago I signed up to do The Noosa Blue Swim in a category that you could wear flippers. It was the most perfect winters day with not a breath of wind and the ocean looked like a mill pond. I did the swim and was lucky enough to swim over a turtle. I would never have been lucky enough to see this beautiful animal in its natural habitat if I had not taken the risk.

I am grateful I have done a 160km ride around Noosa and the local area. Once again I was terrified. I had never ridden that distance before and I was so worried I said goodbye to my children that morning because I thought I was going to get so tired riding 160km in one go that I would fall off my bike and die. I didn’t. I managed the event with a beautiful group of people who were so supportive and we all trained together in the previous months. I was so proud of myself for doing something I thought would be impossible. 

I am grateful I have spoken at two dinners. I am not a natural public speaker and I was very nervous speaking in front of 150 people and then 550 people. I was very sure of my message though and I worked very hard to prepare throughly and practice often. I once again thought I was brave as I wrote my story and gave it to a friend hoping that it would be able to be used in material such as a brochure for the Royal Brisbane Hospital Foundation to raise money for research. I was not expecting to be asked to speak at an event.My friend forwarded my letter to the Foundation and the result was I was asked to speak. I accepted even though I was terrified I would fall over getting to the podium and no one would listen to me. I am proud that I was part of an event where a significant amount of money was raised for research that will effect many people. 

I am grateful I have sung at The Triffid. I sang with a lovely friend Dave Shelberg. We were very particular about our set list, we practiced weekly, we busked in preparation and practiced in front of friends. As a result we had a lot of fun and I think we did a good job. I could easily have said no to Dave asking me but once again I chose to be brave and as a result I had an amazing opportunity to sing at an event that raised much needed funds for AEIOU and I performed in a very cool venue. 

I am grateful that the events I have described above are just a few of the amazing things I have done. I know I will always choose to do things that I am not comfortable with and I know the sense of achievement, and the exposure to amazing opportunities, people and places make the fear and nervousness all worth while. 

 I know my fears may not seem significant to others but they were very significant to me. What can you say yes too that you are terrified about but will expose yourself to an amazing opportunity? I would love to hear what you have done that you were very proud about even though you were really scared. 

Until next time

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  1. Remember Me says:

    I have never doubted your bravery Jen in all the time I have been following you. My bravery is continuing to support Maureen ‘to say no’ when she wants to assert herself every woman’s right of course!

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