Saturday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for being sore. Yesterday I went to yoga. It was a very active class and I am very sore – especially my shoulders and back muscles. It felt really good to work hard, get my heart rate up and stretch lots of muscles. 

Today I am grateful for walking this morning. I love having no pressure to walk at a certain pace and I often stop to appreciate the little things. This morning I stopped at Fannings Corner. I have lived in the Gap for fifteen years and never stopped there. 

Today I am grateful for the delicious meal that Nicholas cooked last night. He offered to cook and it was so lovely to sit on a Friday night with the family and Nick’s girlfriend Madi while Nick cooked a delicious meal. 

Today I am grateful I am sleeping so well at the moment. I have been sleeping extremely well since we got home from overseas. My sleep goes through phases where I have patches of very poor sleep so to be in a phase of very good sleep is something to acknowledge and be very grateful about. 

Today I am grateful for mobile phones. 

Today I am grateful to be alive and to be able to appreciate that all the things life has to offer.

Until next time

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Your gratitude continues to be inspirational Jen: many thanks for your posts and beautiful photographs.

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