Tuesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful to be in Whistler, Canada. 

Today I am grateful that I didn’t step foot outside yesterday. I had a day of sitting by the fire, reading, drinking tea and sleeping. 

It was a very a very restful day topped up by a home cooked meal of steaks and salads. Nick cooked the steaks on the outside barbecue. 

Today I am grateful that my morning  was spent wandering around the village. I started by having a chai latte at Mount Currie Coffee with my lovely friend Kylie. The company was lovely and I believe the coffee very good. I had done quite a lot of research and decided that this was the place for coffee in Whistler. 

I think the skiers and snowboarders had a great day too. 

Today I am grateful for the beautiful scenery here in Whistler and the sunshine! 

Until next time

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2 Responses to Tuesday’s Grateful List 

  1. Remember Me says:

    Thanks for those beautiful photos. Weight on the downhill ski I hope!

  2. Lovely post and beautiful photographs. You are blessed.

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