Today I am grateful for all things related to Lucy’s Semiformal. 

Today I am grateful that Lucy and I spent a lovely day a few months ago finding a dress for her to wear to the Semiformal. We had a lovely day of companionship and shopping and eating. 

Today I am grateful for all the help Paula at Petrol gave to Lucy in choosing her dress, handbag and shoes. Paula was so wonderful to Lucy and made Lucy feel very pretty.

Today I am grateful that Paula recommended a hair and makeup person who came to our home. Lucy had her first rowing regatta on Saturday and we were very tight for time. To have someone come to the house made the day much more manageable.

Lucy at 230pm on Saturday

Today I am grateful that we had the pre Semiformal in our home. It was lovely to get together wth the girls parents, some grandmas and some brothers and sisters. The people we had in our home were all lovely and it was wonderful to see all our girls together looking so beautiful.

Lucy’s hair and makeup shot.

Ready to party.

Today I am grateful that all the girls had a lovely time at the Semiformal and they all looked beautiful. 

All the girls

Very ladylike

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