Week Thirty Six Friday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful I have finished all my thank yous. 

Today I am grateful to Cara Marie Designs for designing and printing my Thank you cards.

Today I am grateful for my beautiful Mum who started the list of who gave me what after my accident.

Today I am grateful that I continued that list . 

Today I am grateful that my hand is strong enough now to be able to write all these thank yous.

Today I am so grateful for all the cards, flowers, thoughtful presents and food that people gave me after my accident.

I am sorry if I have missed anyone. If you haven’t received a thank you please know it is not on purpose and it is only because I was pretty sick back in June 2015 and I didn’t record what you gave me. I am so thankful for everything people did. I know many people sent me prayers and wonderful wishes to get well. I can’t thank all of those people personally but please know in my heart I thank you.  

Thank you


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2 Responses to Week Thirty Six Friday’s Grateful List 

  1. Remember Me says:

    A much underused word and like you I’m trying to put this right. It makes such a difference when you show your appreciation of kindness.

    • admin says:

      I felt so much joy writing to everyone and once again I have had lovely Thankyous from people thanking me for thanking them.

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