Week Thirty Six Saturday’s Grateful Post

Today I am grateful I am safe. 

Today I saw an accident. It was a single driver – she hit the curb in front of me at 445 in the morning. I had just dropped Nick to his rowing meeting point and was on my way to walk along the river. I was first to her. She luckily was unhurt. She was very shaken . I am grateful she was unhurt. 

Today I am grateful that she did not hurt me or anyone else – she was drunk. I wish the young lady all the best and hope this event has given her enough of a fright to not do it again. 

Today I am grateful for the lovely man who stopped and helped at the scene. I was able to ensure the young lady was safe and he called the ambulance and the police ( she was taken to the police station after the incident). 

Today I am grateful for all the services that came to the scene and are  available to keep us safe – the police, the paramedics, the firemen and the defense force ( the man that stopped was in the army). I felt that this young girl was well looked after and safe even though she had done the wrong thing. 

Today I am grateful I was then able to drive to where I was walking in my nice safe car. 

Today I am grateful that I had a lovely walk along the river and met friends for coffee afterwards. I am so grateful I live in a relatively safe city where I can walk and appreciate life. 


Brisbane Eye



Water dragon – he is not going to hurt me


Brisbane River this morning


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  1. Remember Me says:

    Thanks for taking me to Brisbane. I have a good friend who lives there and hope to visit one day.

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