Week Twenty Five Friday’s Grateful Post 

Today I am grateful I love Christmas. Sophia said to me yesterday “Mum you really love Christmas don’t you? ” I actually do. I love spending time thinking about what Christmas present I am going to buy which person and hoping that they really love it. I love deciding what my theme for Christmas wrapping is and taking time to wrap all the presents. I love spreading Christmas cheer around the house. I love catching up with friends and family over the Christmas break. 

Today I am grateful I have finished my Christmas shopping and everything is wrapped under the tree.       ( Now I just have to hope the dogs are old enough not to attack the presents!). 

Today I am grateful Lucy is safe. The group has finished their trek in India and they are about to start their community service project.

Today I am grateful that I have ridden my bike for the first time and that the next few months will be for getting generally fitter. We are having a beach holiday soon and then off to Japan. I won’t be riding my bike at all until we are back in Brisbane in January. I will walk regularly, I will do all my Physio exercises and I will continue Physio. Hopefully this will build up my general wellness so next year I will be in good physical state to get back to all the regular things I do – yoga, weights, riding and hopefully some swimming! My mantra will be:


Today I am grateful once again for beautiful music. Not only do I decorate the house but I torture my family with constant Christmas carols. Here is one of my favorites – Silent Night

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3 Responses to Week Twenty Five Friday’s Grateful Post 

  1. Karen Cody says:

    Just beautiful Jenny,the merriest of Christmases to you and yours and your lovely carol featured my all time favourite,Tony Bennett.xx

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks Jen. C

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