Week Two Thursday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful that people continue to send me flowers. I have got so many flowers but I love them so much. Thank you to everyone who has sent them. 


Today I am grateful that online shopping exists. Much to my husband’s disappointment I can still shop from the comfort of my lounge room. The exciting thing about my latest purchase is that they have no zippers or shoelaces so I can put them on all by my self.

Today I am grateful for the first response gentleman who got to the scene of my accident before the ambulance. His name was Peter and he talked to me gently and quietly for the 45 minutes before the ambulance arrived. He was wonderful even though I could not see his face ( I could only see his shoes). Last night he sent through a very heartfelt email to David that included a great sense of relief that I was alive. I have much to be grateful for towards this man. I hope one day to be able to meet him.

Today I am grateful that I did not have any panadeine forte yesterday. I managed with panadol only for the day. I know I am alive today because everything is aching but I think it is a good thing because 60mg of codeine four times a day is a lot of codeine. Hopefully panadol will suffice for the day today too.

Today I am grateful that I am having my haircut. 

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  1. Michele Taylor says:

    Jen …..today I am grateful that technology allows me to read this in France. Big Love xx

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