Day 15 and 16

Day 15 was a very slow day. We all needed a sleep in and a day to do nothing much.
We went to the Picasso Museum. This was a fairly small museum that had ordinary reviews on trip advisor but one that I really enjoyed. It included a very good explanation of the development of his work and training. Many of the works were examples of his early portrait work. His middle works were displayed and it was obvious he was influenced by the Impressionists. His work moved into his blue period and then his more modern work.
We also did quite a lot of window shopping and soaking up the streets of Barcelona.
Dinner was a lovely meal in an Argentian restaurant called Arcano.

Today we walked down to the beach – a fifteen minute walk from our hotel.


We spent the afternoon doing a walking tour of the Gothic part of Barcelona. This is the old part of Barcelona and has very narrow streets, roman ruins, hidden squares and more shops. I loved this area of the city – it was not as busy and commercial as Las Ramblas and there were interesting shops like the cake shop filled with cakes made only by the nuns that ran it.
We had a light dinner in this area. The south of Spain is known for tapas. Where we are now is known for pinchos – small portions that you choose from the bar. They have a toothpick stuck through them. When it comes to paying you pay according to the number of toothpicks you have on your plate. A bit like an upmarket sushi train.

We leave Spain in the morning to travel back into France. I have loved Spain . The country seems to be pretty efficient and clean. The food has been very fresh – lots of share plates, lots of beautiful fruit and vegetables and very reasonably priced. The shopping has been fun and cheap and I have never seen so many shoe shops. The people have spoken very good English , are pretty laid back – much like Queenslanders, and seem to have a lovely sense of humour.

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  1. Cass George says:

    Sounds such a happy part of your trip Jen!
    You all look wonderful.
    Onwards and upwards dear Tuckers.

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