Day 14

Today David and I started the day with a gym visit. It is very unusual for hotels in Europe to have gyms. I think we are doing enough walking to not need to go to the gym but this hotel has a very nice one so we have all used it. We then came up to the roof to have a look at the pool area. It only had seagulls this morning. I am sitting typing this blog in it this afternoon and it is very busy and open until 1am. It is just another example of what a groovy city Barcelona is.


We did a driving tour around the city today visiting many of the main tourist attractions. We were all pretty tired and it was raining so it was a good choice.
Some of the places we visited were the waterfront, the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Guell Park, and Montjuic Hill which is the site of the 1992 Olympics and has panoramic views of the city.
The waterfront and beach.


The Holy Family Church ( Sagrada Familia) which is a church designed by Gaudi and is still being built. It is being funded by the money used for entry and the estimated finish date is 2026 – 100 years after Gaudi died.


The view from Montjuic Hill.


And more tapas – in a restaurant recommended by our guide and visited by locals and tourists.



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  1. Cass George says:

    Sagrada Familia has to be seen to be believed!
    Have you seen Gaudi’s wall in Parc Guell?

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