Friday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful for all the beautiful graduation photos I have seen on Facebook in the last few weeks. 

Many of my friends have got children graduating from University courses this month.

I have loved seeing the photos of proud graduates.

There are many young people who have got there OP results this week and I am sure some are thrilled and some are disappointed. The photos I have seen this week are a good reminder that in the scheme of life an OP is just a number on a given day. There are many pathways to get into university and many pathways to achieve one’s goals.

I didn’t need a score at the end of my school time. I got a certificate, then I got a degree and then I got a Graduate Diploma.

There are so many pathways to achieve what you want to achieve in life.

I wish all those people who have a dream or a passion all the best today and I hope whatever pathway to get to that dream looks like,  I hope that it is wonderful.

Until next time

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