Tuesday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful for teachers.

With my daughter finishing Grade 12 it got me thinking about all the wonderful teachers she has had over her 12 years of schooling. 

I am grateful for all those teachers that have helped her negotiate her school life. I am grateful for all the things she has learnt. I am grateful for the help they have given her to be ready to enjoy and explore life going forward. I hope she finds many more teachers in the coming years to help her develop new passions that she will follow. 

 I have many teachers because I have never stopped learning. I am grateful for all those teachers. 

I have a beautiful singing teacher Leslie. I am learning so much and I think my singing is improving.

I have had wonderful cycling coaches who I have learnt so much from. Marcel Bengston, Kirsty Broun, Adam Gill and Nicci Heath have all helped me to be a better and stronger cyclist. 

I have a wonderful personal trainer Tom who I have worked with for about 10 years. I do weights with him and will always try and do some weight training so I keep osteoporosis at bay. 

And then I have all those other wonderful incidental teachers that are my friends that I have learnt things from because I admire the way they live their lives. 

I encourage you all to value and cherish those people in our lives that share their knowledge and allow all of us to keep on learning no matter what our age. 

Until next time 

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