Tuesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that all the cyclists that were injured in last Friday’s terrible bicycle accident are relatively ok. The two girls are bruised and sore but they are both already talking about their new bikes. The boys have broken bones and may take a little longer to heal but they are alive and all but one is out of hospital. If you are reading this post today please send them all healing thoughts. I believe sending positive thoughts will make a difference to their recovery. 

Today I am grateful for my amazing weekend. The rowing season has finished for my daughters but the Head Coach Sally Calley from Girls’ Grammar offered to take a group of Mums out for an hour on Saturday morning. What fun ! We rowed in an eight and managed to stay upright and dry. A number of us are very keen to row together. It is strange how opportunities arise if you are open to new things and new experiences. 

Today I am grateful that my friend Dave Shelberg and I sang at a fundraising gig for some lovely girls riding from Byron Bay to Brisbane with an organisation called Chain Reaction. The money raised from their fundraising will go to Hummingbird House . Hummingbird House is a charity that supports kids and families with life limiting illnesses. 
Today I am grateful that on Sunday David and I went to Kinky Boots. It was a fabulous show. It was also very topical with the theme of the show accepting each other for the way we are. 

Today I am grateful that I did a windtrainer this morning. It was hard but hopefully it will be improving my fitness and you never know what the future will bring. 

Today I am grateful that when I got home from my windtrainer I saw a kangaroo in our garden! If I had not been out early I never would have seen it. 

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather and have a lovely day.

Until next time 

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Great news Jen. How big is that garden? !t looks on the large size!

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