Wednesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for lots of things.

Today I am grateful Mum and Dad have moved into their new home. It is so beautiful and I hope they are very happy there.

Mum and Dad’s new view

Today I am grateful that yesterday morning I did yoga for the first time in 18months. I did it with a beautiful friend at Palm Beach. The yoga teacher was amazing, the spot incredible and I could actually manage many of the poses. 

Today I am grateful that David and I went to lunch with my son Nicholas and his girlfriend yesterday. We went to Rick Shores for lunch. The company was wonderful, the food delicious and the spot very special.

Photo from the Courier Mail

Today I am grateful that Sophia and I played Upwords last night. It is a different word game similar to Scrabble. She was very good at it. 

Today I am grateful that the girls have had friends to stay at the beach. We have had a constant stream of visitors. They have all been lovely girls.

Today I am grateful that David is relaxed and enjoying our beach holiday too.  

What is special about your Christmas holidays? 

Until next time

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