Monday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for Facebook. 

Today I am grateful that I can see all the lovely photos that my friends post about all the wonderful places they are traveling too. At the moment I have friends in Las Vegas. I have friends in Switzerland. I have friends in Japan. I have friends in Waikiki. I have friends in Canada. I love seeing all their photos and I love that the world has become so accessible for so many of us. 

Today I am grateful for being able to see all my friends photos of their families. Many friends have children who are graduating from university at the moment. I love seeing all the photos that show how proud they all are of their children. When Facebook first started we were posting photos of our children at primary school. Then we were posting photos of our children starting high school. In the last few years many of us have posted photos of our children finishing school and the photos of them all looking so beautiful going off to their formals. I am so grateful to be able to share these milestones that our children are going through with my friends. I am so grateful that many of us are so proud of our families. 

Today I am grateful that I can choose what pages I like and I therefore have a wonderful and uplifting feed on my Facebook page. I do try and read the paper but I get very distressed as often it is full of murders and war and financial mayhem. I know it is responsible to be well informed but I also believe it is responsible to choose what toxic input does or does not come into my life. My favourite pages on Facebook are Cauldrons and CupcakesMaria Shriver, Humans of New York, The Satorialist, Energy Therapy and Thich Nhat Hanh. 

Today I am grateful for all the inane things on Facebook  that make me laugh and give me joy. For example I love James Corden and Car Karoke. 

Today I am grateful that Facebook is not only a place to share joy but we can also share our sadness and pain. I am grateful I am able to offer friends support during difficult times and even though it is not as good as a beautifully handwritten letter or a hug I still feel it is valuable. 

What can you do today that would make your social media a more joyful place to visit? 

Until next time 

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