Week Forty Nine – Wednesday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for each new day. 

Today I am grateful that my old fridge/freezer finally gave up. We have had a Liebherr fridge for about seven years and from the moment we bought it it has given us trouble. While we were away the compressor of the freezer broke. The original fridge/ freezer had the space made for its dimensions so in the last few years I have been very reluctant to get rid of the Liebherr. My lovely husband did all the research this week and found a model that fitted the space perfectly. I now have a brand new beautiful fridge/freezer that works!!! 

Today I am grateful that I deferred my course. I have had time to think about doing other things that I am passionate about and so this week I started doing some volunteer work in the Palliative Care unit at a hospital in Brisbane. I had an absolutely lovely volunteer show me around yesterday and I know I am going to love it. I am going to be volunteering one morning a week in the unit. 

Today I am grateful that I have legs. I walked 12km on Sunday. It was a beautiful crisp autumn day in Brisbane and I walked along the Brisbane River. I stopped and had coffee on the Goodwill Bridge and enjoyed the view, the season and all the people coming and going and the coffee was good. 

The sun coming up over Brisbane

Today I am grateful that I have such special children. They are all coming up to exam time. They are all working hard, they are talking to each other and they all seem to be supporting each other through this busy time. I am so proud of them.

Today I am grateful for my husband. He has taken a much greater interest in our home since my accident and I love that we make many decisions together these days. 

Today it is good to be alive. 

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  1. Remember Me says:

    Thanks Jen for a beautiful start to my morning. Your positive attitude to life is inspiring.

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