Week Twenty Seven Sunday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for family.

Today I am grateful I have all my children back together and with us at Palm Beach. Sophia has been with us all holidays and it has given me a chance to spend some lovely time with her just doing girlie stuff. Lucy has returned from her trekking adventure in India. She has had a wonderful time and has come home with amazing stories. Nicholas has been working and studying in Brisbane but he is now with us also at Palm Beach. 

Today I am grateful I had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my side of the family. My sister Liz was up from Sydney and Susan was there with her two little girls. Mum cooked up the most amazing feast and we were all so busy talking I  forgot to take some photos. I am so blessed to have two gorgeous sisters, an amazing Mum and Dad and two beautiful nieces. 

Today I am grateful that we spent the night of Christmas Eve in our home at The Gap. We have not been there for Christmas for about seven years. It was very special waking up in Brisbane and the kids opening their Santa sacks at home.

Today I am grateful that David looked after his Grandma Audrey on Christmas Day. Audrey is 93 and had a fall a few months ago where she shattered her wrist. It was lovely that David picked her up and brought her over to Iain and Andreas for Christmas. He then took her home again in the afternoon. I am so grateful that she felt safe enough to spend Christmas Day with us all. 

Today I am grateful that we spent Christmas Day with the Tucker side of the family. It was such a wonderful day. Iain and Andrea did a great job of organizing the day. I am grateful that Robert and Greer cooked a fantastic Turkey and ham, Alex and Sean did a delicious salmon gravlax, Iain and Andrea did great prawns, salads and lots of nibbles, Fay did the most delicious curried eggs ( that my kids said were the standout food of the day!), Jean and Neville made beautiful chicken and a fantastic pineapple salad, and Tor made a brilliant pavlova. The kids were gorgeous and it was just a great day. 

Today I am grateful that my brother in law Iain and my divine sister in law were so nice to me when I messed up a Christmas present. 


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