Week Thirteen Friday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for the beautiful breakfast I shared with cycling friends at the Hundred Acre Bar. We have such a lovely bond between us all even though we all do not cycle together anymore. I know wherever life takes us all in the coming years we will always share something special. 

Today I am grateful to the girls at Intherapy who looked after me so beautifully this morning. I had a lovely facial and managed to have my nails painted. They were very gentle of my remaining injuries. Nicola  who owns the salon even brought me home. I felt very cared for. 

Today I am grateful once again for online shopping. I love being able to sit in my lounge room and do the grocery shopping and have it delivered onto my kitchen bench.

Today I am grateful that I live in a country free of war. I feel so distressed for all those people who live in war torn countries who are fleeing. I pray that the future of our earth holds peace. I believe there is so much good on this earth and I know it may not happen in my lifetime but I hope and pray that somewhere sometime it will be possible. 

Today I am grateful once again for my home. It is cold this afternoon but I am tucked in on my couch with my dogs. All the children are home. The fridge is full of food. Dinner is planned ( garlic prawns). David will be home soon. I am just lucky. 


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