Week Thirteen Monday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that I went for my first walk since the operation on my arm. I walked 2.3km – the longest walk so far. I had David as company which was lovely. 

Today I am grateful that my hand is less swollen. Lucy even said – ooh Mum I can see the wrinkles in your fingers. This is a good thing – there have been no wrinkles since the latest surgery as my hand has been too swollen. I can’t quite get my rings on but I don’t think that will be long.

Today I am grateful for tears. I know it sounds really dumb but I have had quite a few tears of frustration and pain this morning. For me it feels so much better once I have had a good cry – I think it is much better than having all those emotions bottled up inside. 

Today I am grateful that my kids have all learned how to use an iron due to this incident. The girls ironed their own uniforms this morning.

Today I am grateful for the first rose of spring. 



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