Week Eleven Friday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful that I have nearly finished redoing the girl’s rooms. I just have pictures to go. Robyn from Magnolia Interiors helped. I hope my girls love their new rooms.

Today I am grateful that I continue to get better. I do have days where I get frustrated, I have pain and I cry but I  reassess and realize that I am so much better than twelve weeks ago and I am getting pain because I am doing lots more and life is returning to normal. 

Today I am grateful that we have had some rain. Our garden was looking very brown – hopefully it will now start to look a little green.

Today I am grateful for the lovely birthday dinner we shared last night for Nicholas’s nineteenth birthday. 

Today I am grateful that I am well enough to go to Head of The River tomorrow. Lucy is racing! ( I am also grateful that rowing season is almost over). 


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