Week Seven Friday’s Grateful List

Today I am grateful that Karen Anderson visited me yesterday. She is an exercise physiologist who is passionate about improving people’s quality of life by helping them exercise within the parameters of their pain, fatigue and muscle weakness as a result of their illness or injury. She talked to me about how important it is to recognize the enormous amount of energy it takes to heal and she has given me a plan of exercise for the next month. I am so grateful she took the time out of her day to come and visit me and help me . 

Today I am grateful for the bodies amazing ability to heal. I am amazed and in awe of how complicated our bodies are and how incredible it is that such a complicated organism can heal. I have had some bruises come out this week and it is eight weeks since the accident. I think I am still healing from the inside out.

Today I am grateful that I have a brace still on my arm. I was given the option of having a plate put in my arm early on. If I had a plate put in I think I would have been driving and doing normal activities much sooner. Having a longer recovery time I think is giving me a better chance to heal more fully. It is also allowing me to appreciate more fully how wonderful life is.  

 Today I am grateful for old friends. Today I was visited by my school friends Naomi and Lyndal. It was so lovely to see them and catch up on all their news and to hear all about their children. I was also visited by the lovely man who married us, christened our children and renewed our vows for us 2 years ago. 
Today I am grateful I was able to sit cross legged in my usual meditation spot. 


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