Day 9

Today we left Seville and drove to Granada via Ronda. We picked up a car from Seville train station and drove 190 km to Ronda. The roads were beautiful. There were many wind farms on the way. Ronda is a very old city and we stopped there for a couple of hours and had lunch.






We left Ronda and continued on to Granada. We came in to Granada and David assured me that the hotel would be in the city centre and we would find it. The streets are very narrow, we were on the right side of the road which David again assured me he was very familiar with now and our Tom Tom didn’t recognize the street we were putting into it. A few tense words later we realized street in Spanish is Casse.Once I put Casse San Antonia into the trusty Tom Tom we found our hotel! The family’s humour was intact – mine only just. The family joked that there was another person in the car that afternoon – my stress……
Once showered and settled we all decided dinner was next on the agenda. The hotel recommended the restaurant in house was very good. We all decided that we were tired and this sounded like a good idea. What a bonus that we were tired. The name of the restaurant was La Fabula and the chef had worked in a Michelin starred restaurant. All the meals when served had a cloche that was removed by the waiters.We had five waiters and amazing amazing food. It was not appropriate to photograph our meal but it was a wonderful experience for the children and really totally by accident.
This is the restaurant during the day.

This is the patio of our hotel.


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  1. cass george says:

    I remember oh so well those superb blue skies of Europe!
    This time last year we were on the road with our Pinarellos.
    What a brilliant scrap book of memories your children will have.

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