Sunday’s Grateful List 

Today I am grateful for the beautiful weekend I am having. 

We are at the coast. I never tire of the beautiful view that I am privileged enough to enjoy when we come down here. 

Yesterday David and I went to 8th Ave. Terrace for lunch. It is one of my most favourite places to eat. 

I am so grateful for the lovely view we had while eating lunch.

I am grateful for the company I had. 

I am grateful that we know the owners and one of them was working yesterday. Zac and Jordon set up Espresso Moto – our favourite breakfast place down here and they have now added a beautiful restaurant to their venues. They are both so passionate about extraordinary ingredients and great service. I love the way they both talk about their goals and standards.

The food yesterday was fantastic. The wine complemented what we ate perfectly. 

I had a lovely long walk this morning to walk off my lunch yesterday and enjoyed a Chai latte sitting on the top of Burleigh watching the surfers and listening to the helicopters over the Gold Coast Marathon that was happening further up the coast. 

Once again I am grateful to be able to enjoy all these things so joyfully. 
Until next time 

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